Top Ten Posts of 2007. Says me.

This is a blatant rip off of Out of Ur. What can I say. Genius is contagious. What follows are my favorite posts of this year, based on a complex algorithm of feedback, word choice, cadence and personal quirks. I am told I have several.

1) Thanksgiving Day
"...You can't demand yourself into wanting to be or do something any more than you can make a calculating decision to fall madly in love...."

2) Mr. Mom "...I'm out of practice on hair. It's been over seven years since I razored my head, and some things are NOT just like a bicycle, if you get my drift..."

3) Dreaming Big(ger) "...Maybe there's a better better...an uncomfortable better that stretches your flesh but insures that your heart is alive....."

4) Renewing a Vow
"What ever happened to 'if I die, I die'?"

5) Counter to Culture "... One cannot both enjoy the evils of a system while working to change it. It's mildly irritating for the system, but only because of the double standard, not because any truth is really being heard..."

6) Peeps "I cannot imagine working with a team that was not fun. I think I'd have to fire them...."

7) The Perfect Sound "...I want to write the equivalent of a train."

8) Stuff I Was Not Ready For Today "...Here are a few things I wasn't ready for today. The Police Motorcycle. The Tone of the Judge. The Pointed Questions of my Attorney."

9) Tomorrow is the Big Day "...They were shoe box kids. I was a desk kid. That was about as high on the social ladder as I ever got - from there it went down hill fast.."

10) Another Moleskin Gets Shelved "...Sometimes we journal. Sometimes we prophesy. And it's hard to tell the difference until the dust clears."

Honorable Mentions

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