another Moleskine gets shelved...

This one seemed to last a little longer than previous journals. There was less writing and a lot more living in the months that I've used it. Paging back through this morning, I see a few favorite entries... quickly scribbled sermon notes from a time when I realized I was the speaker for the meeting, a couple of very intense dreams, and the following:

October 2, 2006
In those days, John the Baptist came, preaching in the desert of Judea, saying the Kingdom of Heaven is near.

Near. Not far. Not distance or detached, but near. Palpable....the gap negated by the looming reality - if not here, if not now, then near. And coming soon.

I did not know as wrote that entry that the Kingdom was being manifest that day, or that the next day, the phone would ring and I'd sit on our bed in stunned silence, having heard the social worker tell me "She's yours. If you want her, come and get her."

Sometimes we journal. Sometimes we prophesy. And it's hard to tell the difference until the dust clears.

One more entry before I close the book. This one, written this morning with my favorite pen, is the final entry before I jot down an index in the back.


Some journals are written in cover to cover, filling every scrap of paper with thoughts, hopes, dreams and embryonic whishnics, little whims that might have matured into whishes, given enough paper and ink.

This journal gets closed out with a page and a half of blank space simply because I sense it's time to turn a page.
I'm learning that meek is not a synonym for weak. In fact, they are closet rivals. Weakness claims to be a universalist, insisting she can get along with anyone and even bolster meekness. In reality, she is a sworn enemy, and those who embrace her are increasingly incapable of intimacy with meekness. Instead, they carry on side affairs with anger and jealousy, all along pledging love for meekness, but meaning weakness.

True meekness marries bold, Godly confidence. They appear the odd couple until one sees them coordinate their efforts, realizing that the bold/meek marriage is one that moves us towards the Kingdom to come.


Kelsey Bohlender said...

I feel a book -- "Thoughts on a Moleskine" --- or sum'thin

Jennifer James said...

I agree. Something with lots of blank space for the reader to journal their thoughts on your journaling. :-)

Shawn Blanc said...

I think this post is one of the best things I'll read all day.

Sean The Red said...

All I can say is thank God apple doesnt make the iMoleskeine becuase he wouldnt ever be able to actually write anything down, and the daughterboard would crash on it, and we would lose all this...

I just wish God would give me the Elisha thingy and I could peer into the room and read it all as he is writing this. We will only see a little come out.

Earl and Bev Rutledge said...

"Sometimes we journal. Sometimes we prophesy. And it's hard to tell the difference until the dust clears." So true!

As I was rereading mine today, preparing to close it out next week, I was reminded of what has been spoken and how that fits into where I'm now going... encouraging and challenging at the same time!