Not to be a skeptic, but....

How on earth does he have a clue what the man eating tiger dwells on?
"We have 60 cats here," Dorfman said. "Any one of them would have done the same thing. But they would forget about it 15 minutes later. They don't dwell on things. The only thing they dwell on is if someone mistreated them."


Gayle C said...

Maybe he asked?

I personally liked the comment "Anything they perceive as a danger they're going to strike at," he said. "That's their instinct. If everyone would stand perfectly still and not make any movement, the cat wouldn't hurt anybody."
I don't know about you, but if I see a man-eating tiger running at me, standing still is the last thing I would do. Maybe he should test that theory personally.

Randy Bohlender said...


Your parents and I had this same conversation yesterday. Your mom favored the 'stand still' approach, while your dad and I leaned towards 'just try and beat that one slow guy...' theory.

Gayle C said...

I'm with you! Beat the slow guy! Instead of survival of the fittest, it becomes elimination of the slowest.