Peeps. They're not just the little yellow easter candies that never seem to go bad (or were never good to start with, I'm not sure...). Peeps are your team, crew, posse, mob and/or entourage. Whatever you call'm, I got great peeps.

The peeps in our office laugh a lot. Not just daily. Not just hourly. More like around every six minutes. We have a high value for what the ancient Greeks called peepage amusia. We're getting that enscribed above our door. That or E Plurbius Peepage.

Today, Mercy came in carrying a huge aluminum can of some sort of healthy drink. She sat it on her desk (well, her desklet...it's really not a full desk) and went back out to her car to get something.

Immediately (at my direction, of course) Ben poured the contents of the huge aluminum can into two paper cups (I told you it was big) and stuck the cups in the fridge while I scrawled "THANKS!" on a post-it, stuck it on the can, and put it back on her desk. She pretended not to care, but deep down, she knew it was funny.

I cannot imagine working with a team that was not fun. I think I'd have to fire them. Even deep down, that would not be funny.

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Mrs. I. said...

Peepage amusia - Yes, it gets us through the day! : )