Stuff I was not ready for today.

Some days we're particularly unprepared. Here are a few things I wasn't ready for today.

The Police Motorcycle.
I was tooling up 71 at 59 in a 45 when Ponch flipped the lights and pulled me over. Apparently John was off for the day or prepping his truck for a desert race or something. Regardless, he trimmed it back to 50, wrote a ticket and sent me on my way. I think I'm supposed to be thankful.

The Tone of the Judge
We went to Family Court today for Zoe's adoption finalization. I assumed this was a slam dunk legal maneuver and wasn't quite ready for the judge to ask a lot of hard questions while neglecting to look through the file. At one point, he was saying "I can't finalize this as is...maybe they should redo the whole thing in Nevada....". Whaaaaaaaat? At that point, I remembered what Mike Bickle has said a hundred times - "The prayer room is the governmental center of the universe...." and I began to govern in earnest.

The Pointed Questions of my Attorney
Once the hearing began, we were swore in and our attorney started asking the basic questions - name, address, etc. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, came the bombs.
  • "Are you confident you can provide for this little girl as you would a naturally born child?"
  • "Are you telling this court that you will be a father to this little girl, caring for her physical and emotional needs, no matter what?"
  • "Are you willing to accept full responsibility for this little girl, adopting her as one of your very own."
In those moments, the beauty of adoption was more real to me than ever before. By question number 3, my heart was in my throat and tears were at the corners of my eyes. This was it - a legal decree of adoption. Zoe is fully, legally ours.

Here are a few shots of the microparty we through for Zoe tonight...


Theresa said...

Congratulations. I pray blessing over your family.

kim said...

Aww! That is so cool. The tears are pouring down!
the Phillips

Jennifer James said...

I love it when people post stuff that makes me cry at work. Bless you guys! What an awesome family to be adopted into. Zoe looks beautiful in her pictures!.. p.s. is that Elia Loux in the hat? I want that outfit....

Randy Bohlender said...

Yep, that's Elia! Gotta love that hat!

Earl Rutledge said...

Congratulations, God bless your family and your beautiful daughter. May she have all the life her name proclaims.

Sean The Red said...

What a fun, fun ride this has been!!! I cannot beleive the dream has come true, the miracles have ahppenned, even the LAW asking those questions which in esscence was confirming as a witness your intentions.

WOW. We talk about Zoe a lot, and how her brothers make her the center of the universe at times, and how her life has just been such a testimony of God knowing every little name and every little hair on a head.

I cannot wait to adopt.

reallyniceday said...

We are SOOOOOOO happy for you guys! Bless God! He is so good to you all.

And she is SO beautiful! Love you guys.

PS- Did you hear the Burning Man news? Burnt 4 days early?