In the "Oh, by the way" department.

  1. The first CD I ever owned was by Billy Ocean. I am still embarrased about that.
  2. Never had Chinese food until I was 19.
  3. I'd rather go west than east and north than south almost any day.
  4. I don't paint very well. John and Tracie will testify.
  5. I attended K-12 in the same building and got through right on schedule, thank you very much.
  6. Oatmeal is a common late night snack for me.
  7. I knew I wanted to marry Kelsey a few weeks after I met her my senior year of college.
  8. My affinity for gadgetry was underdeveloped until I was in my 30's. It's this man's fault that I ever got started.
  9. I have more than my share of strange friends.
  10. I've been blogging since some of you were in high school.
  11. My favorite days, hands down, are spent with my wife and kids.
  12. My dream gig would be to write four or five days a week and speak once on a topic of my choice.
  13. Sitting by a fire, elk steak tips in Steamboat Springs while listening to Lyle Lovett at midnight on a cold, clear January night was just about nirvanic for me.
  14. My first name is neither Randall or Randolph.
  15. I can back up a trailer faster than would seem prudent.
  16. I did not like algebra in high school and it hasn't gotten much better.
  17. If it comes down to TriBond, I will eat your lunch.
  18. Every night, it takes five chargers to make my life work.
  19. I wept uncontrollably at TheCall DC in 2000.
  20. I once hot wired a 40ft rv because it needed to be done.
  21. I am not a party person.
  22. My iPod contains a 50/50 mix of music and spoken word.
  23. I know how to use a satellite phone and am a repeat customer of these peeps.
  24. Driving coast to coast in four or five days really sounds like a good time to me.
  25. I once ghost-wrote a 40,000 word manuscript in twenty days.
  26. If you find me at Mimi's, I'm eating fish and chips.
  27. Kelsey and I have moved 17 times in 17 years.
  28. The first time I ever remember dancing in public was 2005 at Adam and Taryn's wedding.
  29. I regularly skim about 25 blogs and am ready to chuck 20 of them to find 20 others.
  30. The outpouring of love towards Zoe - often by total strangers who have heard her story - has been a highlight of the last year of my life.
  31. I can eat oranges like there is no tomorrow.
  32. I once nearly lost a van in the Mississippi river while visiting this place.
  33. I'm taller than my father, who was taller than his father.
  34. I am not afraid to have the hard conversations.
  35. I'm going to bed now.


Brent Steeno said...

Oh Great! I promise I will make mine better!

Gayle C said...

Regarding gadgetry... I seem to remember being in awe of a little word processor you had in high school. The beginnings of a gadgetry affliction maybe?

Kyra said...

I find it hard to believe that you and your roommate building a wall out of empty Mountain Dew cans did not make your, "OH, by the way", list. I think it would have explained at lot about how you are today. The readers would be saying, "that answers a lot of questions". Kyra

Shelley Paulson said...

Very enlightening!

ylmurph said...

if you were to look at your tribond ownership papers, you'd see my name

Randy Bohlender said...

Gayle - you have an amazing memory.
Kyra - was it Mt Dew cans? I remember pizza boxes.
Shelley - it's only the beginning of the idiosyncracies. If you and Trac would get off the stick and buy the house next door you'd learn a lot more.
Murph - that's a lot of trash talk. Bring it on.

Adam said...

Dude, this is so rad. I would have never known a lot of this stuff about you. Good writin. Also, if the first time you danced in public was at my wedding, you cut a rug that put many others to shame. Not to mention that you got a great pic out of it. Only one that may have showed you up - your son dancing the jitterbug like it was an old hobby

Jerry James said...

I now know stuff about you that I had never known before . . . for instance that you are so tall.

Shawna said...

Rancy it was pizza boxes but according to Troy, you both had an aversion to throwing either one away. Dew cans as well were stacked pretty high. It didn't matter if they were yours or someone elses left behind. I think you both were insane!

Brian Creary said...

"I'd rather go west than east and north than south almost any day."

You know where north takes you...c'mon up anytime, dude!

Ronni said...

Randy isn't that tall... but he IS taller than me... but then again that isn't saying much...


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