everything's emerging espresso.

OK, so that title's a stretch. Cut me some slack. One cannot continue the high level of quality titles that you have come to expect without the occasional stinker.

I spent some time writing this morning - first in the prayer room and then later at the office. I'm working on my breakout for the onething conference. Having been part of producing the Omega Course, I tend to get put in the eschatology track at these sorts of things. I'm taking a slightly different angle this go-round and am really excited about working on it. You know you're having fun writing when you look at your watch and think "oh crud. I've got to stop..."...and then you look again and it's 30 minutes and a thousand words later.

At Sunday's afternoon breakout, I'm going to examine what really is emerging...not in the hyped, "oh look, we're doing church different than dad" sense of the word, but in what truly will emerge as a church at the end of the age. Note: There is nothing wrong with doing church different than dad - in fact, I'm glad we do - but different is not always an improvement, particularly while we're so focused on difference that we fail to focus on essence. In fact, lest we consider essence, there will be no difference.

I came home to find that my wife had picked up a little present for me at Target. For 3 years, I've described this stove top espresso pot that I saw in someone's kitchen in San Diego. Not given to the Kitchen Arts, I probably didn't do a great job describing it, because for the longest time, she couldn't figure out what I was talking about. The other night, as we wandered through Crate and Barrel with John and Tracie, I saw one on the shelf. Tracie said "They've got those at Target." Sure enough Kels found one on the clearance shelf today. Whoohoooo! I'll be drinking high-test in the morning.

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Tracie Loux said...

Yahoooo for Target clearance!