Dream on....

Check out this amazing dream by Isabelle Loux.

I'm haunted by the line "Is there a mommy or a daddy here for me? Via her mom's blog.

"We were all building a brick town with houses in it. Our family was there, the Bohlender's kids were there (Randy and Kelsey were getting the twins), and several other specific individuals and families that we know. I (Isabelle) went up to these guys I didn't know, and asked when Randy and Kelsey's house would be done. He said that the town wouldn't be done when they get back, but their house would be done.

We were building houses out of bricks. The houses were for people who were coming back with children to adopt them. Mom (Tracie) was leaving, and I (Isabelle) said, "Where are you going?"
Mom said, "I have to go get them."
Isabelle said, "I don't want you to go."
But mom said, "But I have to go get them."

At the end of the dream Isabelle saw a little girl. She came up to Isabelle. Isabelle asked her name, but the little girl didn't know her own name and seemed all confused.

Isabelle said, "What do you mean you don't know your name.

The little girl asked, "Is there a Mommy or a Daddy here for me?"

Yes. There is. Bring it on.


Somedays are Worth Remembering said...

Chills, oh my soul, chills went up my legs as i read that. Wow! Our of the mouths of babes huh. We are home and I cannot wait till you guys come. We are excited to meet the little "egg rolls".

Complete Faith said...

Now that's a dream... I'll take some of that.

Scott said...

In the south we would say "damn straight". Probably you should delete this post.

Chills is right.