Thoughts @ the airport

I'm flying home today to be with the tribal base unit while Kels waits on the state of FL to verify we are, in fact, who we told them we are. Given the speed with which we went after these twins, I can't blame them for asking a few questions.

It's weird leaving her here, but I've also missed the rest of the kids back in KC. Oh for the soon coming day when we're all in one city, crammed under one roof, a glorious mess of elbows and toes.

Kinda feels like all of life shifted in the last five days. I went from having a moderately large family to having the sort of family that spurs total strangers to ask if perhaps you're Mormon. (I'm not, and to my knowledge, neither is Kelsey).

Beyond that, I am sort of pondering my own reaction with these twins. We hear about emergency situations from time to time, but this one was a no brainer - I had to go after them. Something has changed in me. I don't know where this leads, but I know there are others to go after, and I intend to rally an army to rescue them.

I've been hearing a lyric all day.

Oh the sound of salvation come
The sound of rescued ones
And all this for a king
Angels join to sing
'All for Christ our King!'
David Crowder

I'm telling you. I can hear the sound. And it's glorious.

I'm done. It is not cool to cry in the airport.


Tracie said...

Something shifted gears, Randy, I just know it. Foundations have been laid and it's time to start stacking bricks.

My heart is intensely moved. I cannot imagine what the next 12 months will hold for us all as we put our hand to the plow.

Jerry James said...

Crying for right reasons is always cool.

Ronni said...

I'd be in line with you if I thought I had any chance in ever adopting... I'm so glad God gave you these girls.

Cheryl said...

I too have wanted for so very long to be a rescuer...............

Pastor Jeff Arp said...

Go ahead and cry... that way people in the airport with you will think you are manic, and if there are more seats than passengers on the plane, people will try to move away from you when they board the plane and give you the whole row to yourself!

I love how you share what God is doing in your life... (Where in Florida?)

cj springer said...

Some years ago when we adopted our daughter from S.Korea, we were introduced to that thought of being rescuers. Honestly, though, we just wanted a bigger family. She is currently serving in the Onething internship and the loss of her bright spirit in our day to day lives has hit home the reality that in so many different ways, she actually rescued us.