Chilling @ the Sjogrens

We met with our lawyer this morning in Tallahassee, then drove on down to the Tampa area to spend the evening with Steve and Janie Sjogren.   If you haven't heard any Steve Stories, you haven't read my blog very long.  It's been nice to share this time with them and introduce them to the fabulous duo, Anna and Mercy.

The house is quiet now.  Kelsey and Janie scooted off to exchange some micro sized baby clothes for some other micro sized baby clothes.  Steve gathered his gadgets and went to bed.  The girls are dozing beside me and even the dog has lost interest in them.  I've been video chatting with people across the nation showing off the girls.

There's a ton rolling around in my head....
  • We officially FILL the Suburban right now.
  • We need to pay for this miracle.*
  • I can't wait to see my boys and our other girl.  Life feels incomplete without them near.
  • It's touched me how I've been able to call people and ask "Can you..." and they blurt out 'yes' without even knowing the details.
  • I'm SO jazzed to get to know the twins' biological aunt and uncle - they seem like amazing people and helped facilitate the most blog/twittered adoption I've ever known of.
  • I am a rich man in the truest respect of the word.

Thanks to those who've already helped bring these two home - they are truly rescued ones.   

If you'd still like to contribute, you can mail a check or use the paypal button at the right.  We're about 25% of the way there.

THANK YOU, from all of us.

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