Twin Picture of the Day. So Far.

I know, I know. You used to read this for witty banter and personal insights and now all you want are baby pictures. I must appease their fans.

That's Anna River on the left, Mercy Rain on the right. Yes, I'm sure.

Oh, and while we've been hauling all over Florida with the Golden Girls, our boys have been having a blast with friends and Grandma. Take a look at these photos that showed up on facebook.

They tell me Zion insisted on painting that on his face. Good boy.


utech said...

wow those girls are cute.
with their hands clenched (as babies that age do) and their facial expressions they look like they are ready to step into the ring and put the hurt on someone.

Chuck said...

They are beautiful. You guys are so blessed. Bless your huge family.

Sean The Red said...

I really enjoy these pictures. It is really special how they are always together, touching each other.

Never having twins, I realize by looking at the pics how important that must be for them. What a special thing!


Esther Irwin said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto! What is it about babies that you just want to hold them!?