Fasting Thoughts.

There are corporate fasts, but no corporate fasters.

In other words, when your church or team or small group or life group or intentional, missional community or whatever you call your tribe goes in to a fast, you probably agree to do it together.

And then you do it alone.

It is 3 minutes into this corporate fast and there is not a soul in the kitchen supporting me. Granted, I'm doing pretty well at this point, having bulked up on two major meals on Sunday, nevertheless, it's true.

Feast and the world feasts with you, fast and you fast alone, even if you fast as a group....and that's ok with me, because I am going after some things in this fast that do not belong to the group. In fact, they're intensely personal to me. When the dust clears and the nachos reappear, the answers I have heard will be my own answers.

And that's enough to keep going.


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