I am increasingly convicted of my lack of ability or willingness to be still before God.

I read Psalm 37 this morning, or rather, I intended to. I didn't get past verse 7. It's a great passage (is there a bad one?) that throws out a bunch of what appear to be action words - things we can add to our list of things to do that move God or move us.

"Do not fret....Trust...Delight yourself in the Lord....Commit..."

It's easy to find myself checking off the list. Done that. Done that one. Yeah, got that one two.

Then I run headlong into verse 7: "Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him." Some versions say "Be still....".

There is tremendous strategy in stillness. It's often marketed as a luxury only accessible by those who have everything already finished or those who have people to finish it for them. In reality, the luxury is a necessity commanded by God. It's intentional.

When we are still, God has room to move. To speak. To invite.

What if the Word of the Lord for this hour was "shhhhhhhhh....."

I'm hearing "shhhhhhhhhh...." a lot right now. Some parallel thoughts on it here from the Luke18 blog.


Matt Lockett said...

Hooray for me. I read this entire blog entry in one sitting. Managed to sit still for most of it too.

Randy Bohlender said...

Why are your comments hitting my blog when your iChat status says "I'm in an intercession meeting"?

I'm just sayin...