Vision (not) For Sale

I've been thinking about vision lately....particularly the phrase we often hear about leaders 'selling the vision'.

I think it's bad terminology. Particularly for church planters.

If you're selling a vision, even if they buy it....they'll buy the next one that comes along if it seems to fit their consumer needs better. Your role as visionary becomes secondary to your role as Salesman of the Month.

When I have really grabbed on to a vision, it's been because someone articulated what I was already sensing. They weren't selling me on something, they were pointing out the opportunity that I had been feeling and then inviting me to go for it. I wasn't buying anything; I was realizing something that God had been doing in my spirit up until then.

Remember this next time you make your pitch. It just might be that God has been drawing them too...and your job is to point out the elephant of opportunity in the room. If they look you in the eyes and say "I can see it....", you have gained a partner in the journey.

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steven hamilton said...

i have been thinking about this myself...and to me, this is where prayer and intercession meet vision. if leaders are seeking the Lord and following Him, i believe He will have sown this in the hearts of others, thus the issue for leadership becomes prayer and then communication rather than salesmanship!