Mixed Emotions...

This story has the folks at PETA scratching their noggins, trying to figure out if they should file it under "News, Good" or "News, Not Good".
GARDINER, Montana (CNN) -- More than half of Yellowstone National Park's bison herd has died since last fall, forcing the government to suspend its annual slaughter program.
I also get a kick out of their referencing the Interagency Bison Management Program...I have a mental picture of them retraining the Bison for other kinds of work....copying, filing, etc.


chuck said...

The bison are retrained to become deer, and are then shipped to Southern Illinois where they inevitably get hit by cars because even though they are retrained to be deer they will never be as nimble.

Have you ever seen a bison operate office equipment? Funny stuff.

Randy Bohlender said...

The bison can staple pretty well but can't answer the phone without opposable thumbs.