Answers! We gots us some answers emerging!

Shortly after I posted my musings below regarding the emerging women synopsis from the emergent blog, I received the following comment which I am bumping up to this post for greater visibility (as I have heard that the more ambivalently among ye do not even read the comments...)

This was posted from an emergie in the know, albeit with enough time to read my blog, so how much could he possibly really know....


Hey Randy,

You jerk! ;-) OK seriously, here's the deal: I cross-post the weekly round-up from the Emerging Women site as my service to the fine women of that blog. It saves them the work of having to do it themselves. That's it. No huge conspiracy, no "lines of authority."

And it's compiled by Julie Clawson (a dudette), not by me. Again, I'm just the post-er. You could say that I serve at the pleasure of Julie ;-)

Steve K.


Steve -

Thanks for the prompt bit of information! It is not often that clarity pursues ignorance with such tenacity. Of course, now the reformed crowd is concerned about you serving under the headship of a woman, but I'll leave that to the other blogs to sort out.

Blessings to you. If ever in KC, know that I am buying the coffee!


PS: Do your friends know you read this? :)


Esther Irwin said...

Randy, are you opening up a survey on this post? (giggle) You know how much women LOVE a survey! They take them in every magazine they buy. If they were in the Bible, women would be there filling in that puppy.

Just a thought. :)

Randy Bohlender said...

No stinking chance, Esther. :)

Hey, Jackson said he saw you the other day!! How long are you here for? A week?

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