The Postmodern Head Covering....

Ok, now I'm fully open to the possibility that I'm missing something here, but I've been tracking with the blog over at The Emergent Village...where they do a regular post called "The Emerging Women Weekly Round Up". It's sort of a digest of the best of emerging women bloggers, all lumped together. Tea and cross stitch optional.

I thought that somewhere back during the great enlightenment (the 90's), we all decided men and women were equal. Except for on the Emergent Blog, where women are allowed to post, en mass, once a week (to be fair, I do not know if this is an established fact, an assumption, or a wiki fact.....).

I'm also confused as to why it's compiled and posted by a dude. For lines of authority, lest any woman teach, perhaps? Someone help me here.....

PS: Women, feel free to comment, provided your husband knows you're commenting. And if you have no husband, then wait until the fullness of time...your posts will be compiled and posted in digest form on a weekend when web traffic is low.

I wonder how I am going to tell Kelsey she's got to post on the off days with the other girls...

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Steve K. said...

Hey Randy,

You jerk! ;-) OK seriously, here's the deal: I cross-post the weekly round-up from the Emerging Women site as my service to the fine women of that blog. It saves them the work of having to do it themselves. That's it. No huge conspiracy, no "lines of authority."

And it's compiled by Julie Clawson (a dudette), not by me. Again, I'm just the post-er. You could say that I serve at the pleasure of Julie ;-)

Steve K.