Randomonium - Current Events Edition

I'm not much of a heckler, but if I ever decided to become one, I would hope I'd do better than "Hey Hillary, iron my shirt!".

There's a big shake up at Starbucks over their stock drop. The company is in some trouble. Of course, no one questions their decision to place a retail store in every vacant retail space in North America.

Prediction: She's going to regret having said this.... '"I think that having a first woman president is a huge change," said Clinton, raising her voice.' So....vote for her because she's a woman? That's...so...sexist.

Once you're convinced every video on YouTube is dumb, go to YouTube for the Pointy Headed Set.

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Anonymous said...

I saw that... got to work at my local starbucks at 6.30am this morning, and there's the announcement from howard schultz posted up on the partners noticeboard, asking us to read it. Not that it really affects Starbucks New Zealand, because we're owned by a local franchise (go us... partnered with Pizza Hut and KFC) and they won't pay much attention.