Post Conference Pre Call Ramble.

It's 10:47pm local time. In under 12 hours, we launch TheCall Ohio @ US BANK ARENA. Did I mention that US BANK ARENA hosted Disney on Ice yesterday, or that they flopped the floor right down on top of the ice? TheCall on Ice.

The School of Intercession - our preCall conference - was fun. We held it at TriCounty A/G, where Kelsey and I were married 18 years ago. She spoke today and peeled the varnish off the walls if I do say so myself.

I'm tired, tomorrow's long. I'm going to bed. If you're within driving distance, get yourself here. If you're not - log on to God.tv and watch in live. I'll leave you with a photo of Grayson at TheCall Kansas City just eleven days ago, praying his heart out. Thanks Shelley!

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