If you were at the first service this morning...

I spoke at NorthStar Vineyard this morning, after 2 1/2 days of pretty nasty flue. I felt so-so when I left the house, but about 5 minutes into the first service, a fever hit that just about boiled my eyeballs. I rambled. I muttered. I went loopy. I'm not sure what all I preached although I vaguely remember talking about Sasquatch and reciting my visa number. Anyway, it was a meager effort and Pastor Reverend Matt Massey was gracious enough not to throw me out between services.

The second service went considerably better. Matt decided that if you attended the first service and gave money, but now want it back, just return next week and when the bag goes by, grab a fistful and call it even.

Being at NorthStar reminded my that when it was time to make my resignation from VCC known to the staff, I had to do the dreaded all-staff "I'm leaving...." voice mail. I was so self conscous about it that I decided to sandwich my announcement in between four or five bogus ones, hoping it would get lost in the shuffle.

My first announcement was that Matt Massey had accepted corporate funding for his church and sold the naming rights to a womens' store. NorthStar was now to be referred to as Victorious Secret Vineyard.

Most of the staff didn't figure out I was resigning for four or five days.

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Steve Fuller said...

Hey Randy,

Long time, no talk. I jumped over here from Workman's blog and read that anonymous comment a few posts ago. I've gotten a few of those over the years, but I had to crack up when I saw what they wrote about you. I've always thought you were far too liberal! ;-) It's a funny, crazy world we live in. Hope all is well!