Help a Brotha Out, Will Ya?

One of my favorite IHOP bloggers is Zack Hensley. I don't know him nearly as well as I wish I did, but I have been consistently impressed with his leadership on the Night Watch, his wit, his wisdom, and his bulk. (Don't wince. He'll laugh at that. Only way he and I can talk is with me standing on a barrel).

Anyhow, he makes the following appeal:

I need a new computer like Argentina needs a President. Meaning mine hit it’s prime 2 years ago, and in my almost 5 years with it is about done. It’s currently held together by a neon green case, and makes loud buzzing sounds often. If you have a nice laptop you can part with, or want to buy me a new one think about it! ;) Have not, because you ask not right?

Let me say this - he is NOT exaggerating. I have seen this laptop. Actually, I've seen his laptop case. As I understand it, if you remove it from the case, it ceases to compute. Can anyone help him out?

Your help can take one of three forms:

Obtainium: A cash gift that allows Zack to buy what he needs, debt free, 'cause the boy is saving up for another big purchase that I kind of think rhymes with 'ching'.

Tradium: A gift that he can trade for something he can use. Zack's resourceful. He's no slave to the Man's economic system.

Ebaynium: Some oddball item you have that Zack can sell on Ebay to finance his prayer and writing habit.

If you're in a spot to help, why wait? Wander over to his blog and shoot him a clue.

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