Blogging in Japan...

I ran across this interesting article in the Washington Post this morning - fascinating both for the volume of blogging that goes on in Japan (English speakers outnumber Japanese speakers 5-1, but nearly 50% of the worlds blogs are Japanese) as well as their more restrained approach. For example, it mentions:

"...the remarkably harmonious blog that Junko Kenetsuna has been writing five times a week for the past three years about her midday meal.

With understated precision, she calls her blog "I had my lunch."

Wow. I had my lunch.

That's only slightly more mundane that stuff I think. I wonder if anyone's blogging Stuff I Think While I Have My Lunch. That would be a meme to remember.


Steve Bunkoff said...

To keep up with the Japanese, perhaps you should change the name of your blog to "Stuff I think about eating".

John E. said...

Thanks for the pointer... Blogging as "a kind of karaoke for shy people" (p.3)! The analogy made me laugh -- and squirm.