home again

I'm back after two days on the road with Lou, Thomas, and Kelsey.

Thursday we flew to Indy and drove to Cincinnati - a drive I've made more than I care to, but airfare is so much cheaper into Indy that it's probably the way we'll go for a while.

Friday morning we met with 120 leaders at The Underground and then Friday night Lou spoke at the Vineyard. I did a quick intro, during which I took credit for being the first to label VCC's decaf pots "Irregular" (which is true). I'd grabbed one of the custom "Irregular" signs up as a demonstration...and left with it (semi unintentionally). I shall display it in TheCall office until we go back.


Steve Bunkoff said...

We had a number of Simeon's that were irregular, but there was no coffee involved.

Steve Bowen said...

i heard off the chart...as commnents to the meeting in Cincy...sometins up for sure...January Call...more of the same.