4 reasons to love the internet

Tonight, after getting the little ones down to bed....
  • I got a prayer request from my college buddy in Fiji. It's cyclone season and they're gonna get whomped. Pray for the Slaters.
  • I chatted with my buddy Earl who lives in Nicaragua with his wife and seven children. Earl is my source for some killer coffee and drives a sixteen passenger Toyota van. You read that right.
  • I raced an Austin Mini head to head with Jackson on Redline, and taught him a lesson if I do say so myself. Ok, he beat me once.
  • I swapped emails and photos with another board member of a ministry that I serve. Our board is located in Jerusalem, KC and Hawaii. Try that twenty years ago.

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Kelsey Bohlender said...

Don't forget you can go Christmas shopping in your PJs! I LOVE technology!