What do Sting and I have in common?

One word: Synchronicity.

Allow me to explain myself.

In recent weeks, my email load has gotten to be ridiculous...and that comes from someone who prefers email to the phone, the telegraph, or the face to face conversation at times. As TheCall ramps up and a hundred other things are going, I found myself getting buried. I love an empty inbox. Unfortunately, I was closing the computer with 40-100 emails left undealt with. The next day, another 150 would arrive. I'd thin them out but never quite get to zero.

The Blackberry helped some, allowing me to answer on the fly, but the original email still landed in my computer's inbox, leaving me wondering "did I answer that?"

Then I added a desktop computer. One more place for email. I was getting and answering email for four email accounts on three devices. More was not better.

All my gadgets were set up under POP protocol. The option is IMAP. I'm not sure what the difference is except that with POP you lose email on your own computer, with IMAP you lose it on the server. Anyway, today I went the full IMAP route - Brandon, our friendly IT guy (maybe the only one....) fixed me up so that both computers and the Blackberry sync. Hit DELETE on the Blackberry and it dissappears from the computers.

It's gorgeous. I have become one with the machines. Singularity is achieved with every move I make.


Brian said...

Excellent...you are no longer the king of pain and life is getting easier with every breath you take. You have it wrapped around your finger, dude. Time for some tea (in the Sahara?)....

Ok, that was bad...

Randy Bohlender said...

Bro, it was pure poetry until you made the stretch for the tea time...


Dan and Elisa said...

After reading your blog, I have been Walking in Your Footsteps. And O My God your Mother must be so proud because you survived Murder by Numbers to reach Synchronicity II. You truly are just like Sting.

Fellow IHOPers who enjoy your blog and the 80's