Judge Says Man Doesn't Get Extra Leg to Stand On

This story is too weird. Here's one quote, and it's only the beginning.

"Even though a North Carolina man found an amputated human leg inside a smoker he bought at auction, he can't keep it, Judge Greg Mathis ruled on his television show in an episode that aired Thursday."

I can't imagine finding a human leg in a smoker. It's even harder to imagine that I'd say "Hey, cool! A leg! I'm going to keep it!" For what? Was he anticipating having knee replacement surgery and wanted to save money on spare parts?

It goes on...

John Wood, whose left leg was amputated after a 2004 plane crash, joked to the judge about losing his leg twice. He had kept the leg and the cooker inside a rented storage space. When the South Carolina man couldn't pay the bill, the items were auctioned.

He said he wanted his severed leg so that it could be cremated with him when he dies.

Oh. Suddenly I understand why it was in a smoker. He was getting ready to cremate it?

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