Announcing the Axis of Evil Geek Squad:

Kim Jong Il recently announced that he is an internet expert.

It's probably all the surfing he does those two or three hours a day that he's got the electricity working in North Korea.

At least he is using it for something productive. Other leaders just surf for rumors on the internets. See below.


Esther Irwin said...

Actually, I think all of America is just bored. How many bloopers does it take to make a YouTube video? What would happen if all that critisism of our leaders turned into prayer and encouragement? Why not videos of positive things instead of fodder for Jay Leno? Come on, America! You can do better than this!

Randy Bohlender said...


To clarify, I am one of George Bush's supporters. By my record, one of ten or eleven left.

Also, I find this video strangely comforting...same with the one where he refers to The Google. The fact that this man has not surfed the web much gives me peace. I'd be more concerned if he admitted to being an AOL member or peppered his speeches with phrases like "LOL". I am glad he's too busy to know these things.

Trust me, we're praying.