Highs and Lows of the Day

Low...having to climb on the roof.
Again. In the rain. To clean out the gutters.

High...a second night celebrating The Week of John Loux
45 never looked so good as it does on IHOP's own Eric Clapton. Then again, John's 38...

Low...getting an email indicating that the price of airfare on an upcoming trip means it will probably be an overnighter.
Bummer. I like those fast turnarounds like the KC to Phoenix to KC trip about 10 days ago.

High...driving across town today all alone.
I know that sounds dumb, but people, I'm an introverted soul in an extroverted role. 99% of the time I can hack it but by yesterday afternoon, I had that wild look in my eye that said "My head is about to blow straight up." Kelsey picked up on it (she's a wife - they know these things) and agreed we need to figure out a way to avoid this. Today's remedy was going to look for shoes all by myself. I didn't find anything - the first place was too expensive and the second place was full of shoes that looked as if they'd been prescribed by a physician.

Low...noticing that the USS Suburban is nearly on empty again.
On the highway this thing can snag 20mpg. Not so much in town...

High...reveling in the fact that the empty tank is bolted into a truck that God Himself paid for, so stick that in your hemp, greenpeace logo man purse and carry it where you will.


Allison said...

Next time you want to go cruising around town, we'll let you borrow our snazzy Volkswagen Camper bus... come on... you KNOW you want to!! *heheh*

And we'll even pay for the gas!

Randy Bohlender said...

Allison - I would TOTALLY cruise your VW Camper Bus - I think it rocks! I sorta miss the gas can on the roof, but it's still cool.

Maybe John Loux and I could use it to chase tornadoes.