God is Bowling

I woke up in the middle of the night to a flash of lightening. Normally during storms, it's the thunder that wakes you...but normally during storms the lightening is 'out there' somewhere and the thunder races your direction. In this case, the lightening was somewhere right outside my window - the electric arc zapped so brightly through the drawn curtains that it was like God had fired up the welder for His own version of Monster Garage.

I slept this morning 'till 8:15....3 hours and fifteen minutes past my normal wake up time. It was glorious. I wandered out into the grey of the house - it was still dark because the storm was still raging. Once I had the coffee pot operating I couldn't resist opening the windows to listen to the thunder roll (grace to those of you who now can't get a Garth Brooks tune out of your head).


Sandy said...

Wow! Send some of that glorious rain this way to the South Carolina 'dead' lawns due to the drought condition and stage three water ban. Enjoy the coffee and thunder!

Esther Irwin said...

Are you sure that wasn't your blackberry? hee hee