Living By Candlelight. Both ends.

When a guy runs out of daylight, he starts borrowing hours from the dark. The next few days are going to fall into the borrow-from-the-dark catagory as my list of to-do's is growing faster than my list of got-done's.

Tomorrow, Kelsey prayer leades the 8am set and The Wonder Assistant takes my Powerbook to the Apple store at 10:30am for a scheduled keyboardectomy, hoping to fix the lack of backlighting on letters I, O, P, {, }, and a few others. In all reality, I'm not much of a { and } guy, but living at IHOP, it's hard to get buy without I, O and P. All this means that I'm working from a non computing position quite a bit of the day...so I'm setting the alarm for O-dark-crazy and going in to try and get a few things out.

Did I mention that TheCall Las Vegas is Saturday? This Saturday? That we will haul a ton of audio gear and a truck with seven TV cameras and a jib into UNLV's Thomas and Mack Center? Or that I like throwing terms like 'jib' around as if I have a clue what it all means?

Things my team is doing:
  • Scrambling for two more shuttle vans. If you're in Vegas and can spare wheels, shoot me a clue.
  • Trying to locate discount restaurant supply places in Vegas to get hundreds of fried chicken buckets for the offering.
  • Keeping straight an arrival and departure schedule that seems to involve 75% of the planes coming in to Vegas this weekend.
  • Mapquesting Starbucks and In-and-Out locations. Wait, no, that's just the one staffer. Edit: She just emailed me and said that she thinks this makes her sound difficult. She's not, really. She's actually performing a valuable service to us all. I won't embarrass her by naming her here, but watch for her on the God.tv broadcast of the day, wearing an orange vest and a blindfold while clutching her pepper spray in one hand and a double-double, animal style, in the other.
Oh, and I'm speaking in Vegas on Wednesday night...after teaching my class in Kansas City on Wednesday morning, all possible via the miracle of the pacific time zone change.

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Earl Rutledge said...

Burn the candle at both ends is OK, once and a while, just don't let the oil run out.

I'll see ya at The Call.