Things right with the day...

  • The three cups of French pressed I made from the dwindling reserves of Nicaraguan coffee sent to me by Missionary Earl. It was a perfect combination of taste and texture. Kelsey said it tastes like a cigar. Sarah went so far as to say cigarettes. I'm not sure, but I know it's manstyle coffee.
  • The goofy grin on Zoe's face after her nap. I didn't think it could happen but the little squirrel is getting cuter and cuter.


Earl Rutledge said...

Well, I've gone through 3 ibs in the time you've done 2 (not counting all the other coffee you got for your birthday). Sounds like the addiction is pretty serious. You've gotta restock the supply.

By the way, I didn't know Kelsey was also an expert on cigars. I could send some of the Esteli "puros". They're supposed to be (I wouldn't know) as good as the Cuban ones. HA HA! Don't hope to take me up on this one.

johnloux said...

There's only two ways to prove it's real man's coffee.
1. Roll the coffee.
2. Smoke it.