Go Pig Sooooiiiieeee

I am chilling in a little apartment in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, where Benji Nolot and I are doing an Omega Intensive at the Siloam Springs House of Prayer. I have spent most of my spare moments trying to convince Benji that perhaps God is calling him to move here to plant a Messianic congregation called Shalom Siloam. So far he is resisting my influence.

Driving in to town yesterday, we stopped at a light behind a new F150 Arkansas Razorbacks Edition with GO PIG SOOOOIIEEEE written repeatedly inn fine script lettering across the tailgate. Drive that thing out of state and I have two words for you: Low Resale.

The Intensive has gone well. I taught two sessions last night, he taught two this morning and I did two this afternoon. Tonight is a 2 hour prayer and worship set. Tomorrow morning we'll go to church and finish up with Benji doing two in the afternoon. It's fine to watch people grab ahold of this stuff and start to think "What if it's true.....".

Grayson's riding shotgun with me this trip and has done a remarkable job on the product table, including sneaking in a little homework during the teaching sessions.

We look forward to our triumphant return to KC tomorrow...

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