Cooler temps. Praise Ye the Lord.

Our August trip to Breckenridge, Colorado spoiled me. It was in the low to mid 70's the entire time. We returned to a humid, 103 degree Kansas City and I thought I might croak.

Cooler temps are finally finding their way eastward and I, for one, am loving it. I've gone back to holding meetings on IHOP's celebrated East Beach (which looks suspiciously like a covered sidewalk with some lattice work) and driving the Montero with all the windows down.

Highlight of yesterday's admittedly low energy team meeting (my fault on the low energy - sorry guys...): Upon hearing that I was going to be in Cincinnati for one day next week, my assistant blurts out "Skyline...you will be able to bring me some Skyline!?!?!". The group conversation drifts back to business among the five or six of us and fifteen minutes later, she follows up with "Graeters...and what's that hamburger place?"

Apparently we lost Mercy at Skyline and she never returned to the meeting. :)


Sean The Red said...

Graters yes, Skyline.....no.

My cardiologist says that eating that chili essentially turns me into a salt lick, and between the arterial damage, and the odd deer attraction, I cannot take it.

Ill have my tomato sauce without cinnamon please.

Randy Bohlender said...

I don't think it's the cinnamon as much as the ginger. Or the maryann. I'm not sure.

Mrs. I. said...

Checked out the link for "Graeters." OH!.......the flavors!!

$50.00 for 6 pints....I'm thinking.........I'm thinking......
Okay, maybe not.

Mmmmmm, on second thought,........ maybe I can get a group order together - Ha! Ha!

Randy Bohlender said...

Graeters Group Order: Take their money but keep the ice cream...