back home again....

After splitting the eight teaching sessions between us, Benji and I headed north this afternoon around 5:15pm, the final Q & A session running a little longer than we thought it might. All the regular questions were there, of course:

How do I answer my neighbor who read all the Left Behind books? (Benji: "I have a sixty page handout I'll email you." Randy: "I have a half page handout I'll read to you: Ask them 'What if they're wrong?'")

What about animals in the afterlife? (Randy: "Yes, except for cats.")

All told, we had a great time in Siloam Springs (Shalom, Siloam!) but were glad to get back to our families. Big thanks to Grayson who came along to take care of the book table. He was a blast!


Zack said...

love benji!!

Liz said...

Randy, I hate to bust your bubble, but there are definitely going to be cats in the afterlife. Why do you think Jesus, the Lion of Judah, even takes the name of one? ;)

Sounds like you guys hit a homerun. Wish I could've been under you and Benji's tutelage for the weekend!