saturday morning, going nowhere...

It's a rare, white t-shirt and jeans, no shoes, walk around the house Saturday morning with the little ones. Kelsey is at a Daniel Academy work day, transforming a semiabandon school into a state of the art center for filling noggins via the miracle of paint and polish.

Zoe, aka Sister Funshine, just got up from a marathon nap. Zion and Grayson have been binge-listening to Adventures in Oddysey podcasts and I've been picking up the house with the iPod dialed in on Ruth Fazal.

It'll be a busy week in TheCall world as two staffers are moving in to town this weekend and will hit the ground running. Meetingzilla Monday is slightly abbreviated for me as the bulk of the FSM team is in Korea - or should be by now - freeing me from a 2 hour leadership team meeting. From what I understand, their trip has been less than smooth. Last word was their bags and were not on the same continent that they were. I do still have the IHOP management team meeting in the afternoon where I have to present our semi annual internships report. Our internship leaders are so phenomenal that these are generally low drama affairs, although I might introduce some whack idea just to generate discussion. "How about a six month, all fasting internship?"

Well, I've promised some little ones a bike ride...I guess I need to find some shoes after all.

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