my kind of town...

Ok, let me predicate this by saying I love the west. I love the space. I love the air. I love the views. I've always loved the west. In high school, had you told me I'd live most of my adult life in the eastern half of the US, I would have whacked you in the head with a shovel.

Unfortunately, I don't get out there very much. Occasionally, I do a fly over enroute to California (which is an entirely different continent) but I don't get to the real west often. That's part of the reason why I've enjoyed my recent trips to Vegas to help organize TheCall.

We have also been blessed with vacations more than once. Oddly enough, they've always been east...North Dakotans are not by nature beach people. I have a theory about this. We were the offspring of sturdy Norske and Germanic stock. These people endured horrible migrations via leaky boats serving bad food. Once they arrived at Ellis Island, they muttered "Never again..." and headed straight toward the middle of the continent. Because of this, North Dakotans are genetically predisposed to avoid the the ocean. We like the land.

Anyway, back to my story. We have been wanting to take a break but really couldn't swing it. We figured we'd take a week off in August and see the sights of, uh, Kansas City. Like the library. Yeah, the kids were that thrilled about it too.

Today, the winds shifted. Friends told us they want us to go west...and are picking up a week's stay in a condo in Breckenridge, CO. Friends, I am already there in my head! And get this...while checking out stuff to do, I ran across a main street web cam and grabbed a screen shot. Click on the photo to upsize it, and look closely at what's parked across the street, behind the Hummer. It's a cottin' pickin' Ford GT! He just parrallel parked his GT to run in and get some ice cream, like so many of us do...

Anyway, I'm still freaked. And jazzed. And very, very grateful.

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Tracie Loux said...

This is awesome!