Approaching my own 7th Anniversary Marker....

I read this article on bad hairstyles tonight and it reminded me that it's been nearly seven years since I made the fateful choice to go chrome. It's funny how mainstream it is now, but back then, shaving one's head was someone one only did if you were about to wander into the desert with 40,000 of your closest freaks, er, friends (which, in fact, I was. And did. A number of times.)

Late August, 2000, I cleaned my noggin bare and have not looked back, save for a week or two at one point (during which my wife repeatedly asked me to shave it off again).

I celebrate my nearly 7 year anniversary of baldness with a photo from the desert itself, circa 2004. Note intense dusting upon the scalp. 'Twas a blustery day on the desert. Note also fashionable (for the setting) Native American beads. I miss those glasses. I wish I knew what I did with them when I got my new pair.

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chuck said...

Did the dust provide sun block?