This is for all you boys wanting to be men but contemplating marrying girls who will never be women.

Guys, if you are not married but would like to be, take this bit of sage advice for someone who has arguably married far beyond his species.

Do not marry some bubble gum chewing airhead who thinks shopping should be in the Olympics and thinks Strongs Concordance is a weight lifting magazine.

Find yourself a beautiful woman who can dig into the Word and address a crowd like they're waiting for their last meal.

Find a beautiful woman who is fearless in the face of adversaries.

If she can cook, good for you. Double bonus points. If she can't cook, hire it done but do not settle for someone mired in fear or without two clues to rub together.

If you have to spend hours assuring her it's all going to be okay or explaining the news to her, throw her back and head back to the fishing hole, brother, because life's too short to drag a caboose that belongs on the Goofy Train.

I scored big and it was never more obvious than tonight. Kelsey taught and tore. it. up.

Double kosher props to His Timness for the impromptu acoustic version of Baptize my Heart as well.


Brian Francis Hume said...

Randy - As a married man, I am in full agreement concerning your words to our single brothers. God has blessed me with an AMAZING woman-of-God! I'm so thankful that I waited for the right one! She can pray and prophesy; speak three languages; laugh and have a good time; and cook a killer meal! She's the whole package!

My mom always told me growing up: "Just don't marry anyone named Bambi!"

God is good!

Zack said...


John said...

Randy - Sounds like you are one of that happy band of guys who married way above themselves!!! ;-)

I fall squarely in the same category!


sean said...

Sometimes the beautiful bombshell package, has a tendency of drawing me away from what I should really be looking for. This is a good wake-up call to sit tight until it's right.

Jerry James said...

If one marries up, it means the other married down.

Sean The Red said...

I can agree completely. Unfortunately, I have done this both ways, and the difference is immeasurable.

And the best place to find a woman like that? KANSAS CITY! Thats why Im sending all the single men I know there. Kind of like 7 brides for 7 brothers.

BTW...I can cook, and SHE BAKES!!!!

Brian Francis Hume said...

Sean the red,

Hey...another good place to send your single men is where I met my beautiful wife..."Brides for the Nations Institute" in Dallas, Texas! Seriously though, that is the "nickname" that some use to refer to CFNI.