Sundry Thinkage

  • Waukaway has the best camp staff in the history of ever. I know I say that every time I come...and I mean it every time I come! Jason and Joy do a phenomenal job of shaping these young people into servant leaders.
  • Sweet tea has a place in the Millennial Kingdom. Probably comes straight out of a rock.
  • Today we point the Suburban north and west, heading towards a quick connect with long lost friends in Oklahoma and then on home.
  • On the way down, we actually got 20.5 mpg with the big 'Burban. There's something to be said for keeping your foot out of it. We can get 20 mpg at 70 mph, but crank it up another 5 mph and it drops to 15 mpg. Extrapolate that out a ways and somewhere around 90 mph it would get absolutely 0 mpg. This is just an estimate.
  • I'm off to teach the final session...a little Malachi 4 action for the road.

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Christine said...

So, I'm assuming (and by assuming, I mean hoping) that your kids will learn math through The Daniel Academy. ? :)