If you're trying to reach me...

If you're trying to reach me, email is it. No cell. No text messages. Nothing but skeeters, toads and WiFi.

It is a strange world.

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Brian Francis Hume said...


I’m so glad you came out of “retirement” to continue the blogging. You are like the “Sugar Ray Leonard” of blogging – you just can’t stay out of the ring!

I would’ve emailed you, but I don’t know your email address.

Lately I’ve been on a strong prophetic roll, trying to learn to hear and speak the word of the Lord more accurately. Several weeks ago for the first time I actually had the Lord give me someone’s name at a meeting, which was awesome! There were a group of teenagers praying for a tall guy. I asked the Lord, “What are you saying right now?” All I heard was “Nathan”. I grabbed a guy that I knew and asked him if any of those guys was Nathan and he said it was the tall one that they were praying for. I was able to minister to him prophetically after that. It fired me up because I’ve never had anything quite like that! Praise God!

With that being said, I’ve been writing out prophetic words for people that I don’t know in blogosphere and on Facebook. Again, I’ve had some pretty cool stories so far! Well, last night I asked the Lord if He was saying anything to you and I heard the following phrase, which seemed kind of wacky: “He has alligator teeth.”


Seriously though, after reading your blog this morning, I thought maybe it might relate to one of the kids at the camp. I don’t know…I just want to obey the Lord. Regardless of how silly it may sound, I need to humble myself and send this to you.

I do hear the Lord saying the following also:

“My footsteps, my footsteps…step by step…follow my footsteps.”

And the words: “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” keep coming to my mind.

You can find the lyrics to the song with Scriptural references at: http://www.joyfulheart.com/christmas/hark-herald-angels-sing.htm It also shares some powerful insights about the song writer, the famed Charles Wesley. I didn’t realize that he wrote this. The past few days I’ve been studying the life of his brother, John Wesley the revivalist.

Bless you!