Day four...here to cause trouble

Let me say that if you're one of those folks who's had a "Life Verse", good for you. I'm glad. I don't care if you saw it written in the sky in Constantine fashion or found it on a bumper sticker in a gift shop in Pigeon Forge. If there's a verse that you have hung your life on, that's awesome.

Somewhere along the line, I never got one. I'm not sure if they were passed out in Sunday School and I'd missed it or what the heck happened. I have some passages that are incredibly dear to my heart, but I've never been able to isolate a life verse. I have my secret suspicions that those verse designations weren't even there in the original text. No joke.

Anyway, thanks to today's reading of 1 Kings 18, I am able to announce the launching of my Life Verse. At least, my Life Verse of the day.

I Kings 18:17
"Is that you, you troubler of Israel?"

I know, it's not quite as epic as some, and it has no poetic ring to it, but I like it. I like the fact that Elijah was a man known by the establishment as a trouble maker. It feels like most of what I've seen the church do is be an irritation to the establishment rather than cause real trouble. I want God to use me to create real havoc in the spirit realm - to dislodge demons and worry spirits. I want an unrighteous society to wonder 'what is the church going to do next?' I want to cause serious trouble for good.

Maybe I can get Kelsey to cross stitch me a pillow or something with my Life Verse of the Day.


Ronni said...

YES!!!!!!!! I love it!!!

You know I've never managed to get a "life verse" either... usually I have ones that God has given me for seasons... but thats it...

Kelsey Bohlender said...

Now you ARE causing trouble. You know I only knit.

Anonymous said...

I too missed the handing out of the life verses. If I would have payed more attention to what was going on behind the door, and less attention to the Noah Flannel Board...

I like todays post


retro said...

My favorite one was always "Go Away, Baldhead, Go Away, Baldhead" which as we know culminates with an R-rated mauling by a she-bear.

Randy Bohlender said...

@Kelsey - anyone who can figure out how to finish drywall from a library video can surely make the quantum leap from knitting to cross stitching.

chuck said...

Can I help you cause trouble?

John said...

"God can do...far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!"

Ephesians 3.20 The Message

.....does it for me!