Palm Jumps the Shark

Long time readers know that I've been a huge Palm fan over the years, having owned one of nearly everything. In spite of all the naysayers and an OS that hasn't changed since Bill Clinton ran the West Wing, I was a faithful stooge/fan. I liked the simplicity, and using a Palm was one more way of not using Windows.

I finally gave up this spring when my new Lifedrive lasted 34 days before giving up the digital ghost and since then have discovered the joys of a Blackberry.

Boy, am I glad. Palm has hyped a new, revolutionary product release for months and finally dumped this on the market. The Foleo is about the size of a very small laptop. It runs and syncs your email and web browser with your Treo. It costs about $500.

In other words, for just a little less than the price of a cheap laptop, it does only only two things...and they're things you could do with your Treo already. Who is going to carry this thing around?!?! Only a fooleo would buy a foleo.

I think Palm got hit by the goofy train.

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