recap of the day...

It's been one of those days that just sort of pffffft, goes by and you're not quite sure what happened. Tomorrow is kind of lining up to be a similar gig.

Kelsey filled in for someone this morning, leading the 8am prayer set with Tim Cone. I shocked most of IHOP back to the stone age by sitting in and singing with Tim Reimherr and Marcus Meiers' team on the noon set, leaving me to explain to countless people all afternoon that "yes, I do sing. I'm also a race car driver, a fighter pilot and a neurosurgeon, but I don't always tell people, because once you know that, well, you get called for favors all the time...".

For the morbidly curious, I'll be sitting in again on tomorrow's 8am. I'm filling in for the better half of the Blanc duo. I'm not sure Justin's team is ready for me to fill in for Sean on drums, so I'll just stay on the chorus mic.

Tonight Kelsey took Zion to Guitar Center this evening to by a cord to patch in to his 'new' guitar pedal. While there, they did a walk through of the drum section. The guy behind the counter, obviously bored, asked Kelsey "does he want to play the drums?" Ha! Does your neighbor's Doberman want to eat your cat?

Zion jumped on the throne and started throwing down some sugah beats (shout out to my slopie) at max volume. The guy just stared and finally asked "how old is he?!?!" Zion came home with his new cord and a big ol' grin.


Mrs. I. said...

I also caught a glimpse of a Bohlender musician playing guitar off stage in the PR yesterday. I want to say, "How cute was that?", but it is more than just "cute" to see a child worshiping the Lord with his talents.

This glimpse also took in his big brother praying his heart out - a dynamic duo!

Anonymous said...

You go Zion Bohlender! You show those wanna be's! You rock buddy!