Last week, I took a two day jaunt to the City of Neon to scout locations for a massive day of fasting and prayer.

Jason Wenth and I left KC early Tuesday morning and were in Vegas by 7:30 local time. We rented a death trap and headed to the International Church of Las Vegas, where I connected on a conference call with Call leaders. Later, we went out to eat with some of their crack staff and then got to work.

Vegas is an anomaly. Gorgeous suburbs, oddball city sights. We visited the hamburger shrine of goodness and the Bellagio water show. Other than that, it was all work. I spoke to the ICLV staff and a group of city leaders and drank a lot of Starbucks. Jason's observation over pancakes at Denny's: "It looks like they tear this city down and rebuild it about every three years."

After some wrangling for a venue, we landed here - UNLV's Sam Boyd Stadium. The only problem was that the day we wanted to use it was reserved for someone else. Of course, they didn't have any money down. On the other hand, I didn't have any money either.

By the time we headed for the airport the next day, my ICLV peeps called me to tell me they had the $5000 deposit. I am the first person in history to leave Vegas with more money than when I arrived.

We had to put our money down and wait for the other party to either put up or shut up. Today, they shut up and the venue is ours for sure.

Mark Your Calendars
The Call / Las Vegas / September 1, 2007
yep. same day they burn the man...

Double thumbs up to ICLV for their hospitality and can-do attitude. This staff ROCKS!


Sean The Red said...

The last time I was there, it was for a Greatful Dead show!! LOL.

This will be fun. I want a firehose this time around again.

Ben said...

Making money in vegas. I didn't think it was possible.

Theresa said...

Randy- Will there be a Call in San Fransisco this year? I thought I heard that somewhere. I live in the Sacramento area, SF is much closer than Vegas.

Randy Bohlender said...

Not sure. Potentially one even closer to you (a little) - the Greek Theater @ Berkeley!