OK, Lucy, 'splain this one to me...

Why is it that when I send an email over my gmail account via Apple Mail, it sends a copy to my gmail inbox that is not picked up by Apple Mail but is picked up by my Blackberry*, meaning my Blackberry buzzes like a killer bee about twice as much as it needs to?

I don't get it. It's making me look very important but it's driving me crazy.

*I will sing the praises of this device in a later post. It's a new gadget I picked up while on hiatus.


Ronni said...

I'm having the same problem on my treo. I'll get a buzz that i have email, it shows up on the treo but outlook isn't getting it. And my settings for gmail are right... I've checked them. If you figure it out let me know... its getting annoying. I set it so that I don't check my mail in the treo now (which is also annoying).

Michaela said...

Maybe it has something to do with how gmail stores emails. Basically they lump everything in your inbox. This allows for the threading feature to work. So your sent mail is there, but by default is hidden.

I'm not very familar with Blackberrys but maybe you can modify the forwarding rule to exclude emails that have your email account in the "From" address field, or something like that. Good luck!

Randy Bohlender said...

Michaela - that's exactly what I landed on...writing a rule rejecting email from my own gmail address.

Gotta love digital duct tape.

Git r dun.