General Lee Auction goes Awry...

Ebay Auction of the General Lee Goes South

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- After commanding a winning bid last week of nearly $10 million, the online auction of a 1969 Charger, owned by one of the stars of the "Dukes of Hazzard" television show, has blown a gasket.

The winning bidder, William Fisher, maintained that someone else placed the bids in his name after gaining access to his eBay account.

The ramifications of this, as I understand them, are thus:
  1. The General Lee gets relisted.
  2. William Fisher's feedback goes down the tooter.
  3. David Sliker is back in the bidding!
YeeHaw Uncle Jesse, Can you say Forerunner Racing Team?!?


chuck said...

I had a similar situation happen when someone accessed my Ebay account. I ended up with the complete Osmond collection. Have you ever tried to get rid of something like that? I couldn't even throw it away. Recyclers won't touch it.

As for Sliker driving the General Lee to the Prayer Room, I would pay 10 million to see that. That is, if I had 10 million.

Which Duke would Dave be anyway? Bo? Luke?

retro said...

Shepherd to Lost Sheep's Ebay account! I think getting your ebay hacked would be even worse than what happened to my myspace account! CBB

Randy Bohlender said...

@chuck - the osmond collection? What do you call the Jackson 5? Chocolate covered Osmonds. HA! Would you believe I just made that up? For real. No lie.

@retro - "Shepherd to Lost Sheep's eBay account" sounds like the divine transfer of wealth that we hear so much about.

retro said...

...or perhaps the stash that enabled the prodigal's illicit revelry for a brief season (pre-pigpen)!

I'm all for the "Shepherd to Found Sheep's end-time PayPal account". CBB