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Already, questions have started to come in regarding my Presidential campaign (see below). Greg Burnett from Fort Mill, South Carolina asks:
"Are you for or against global warming?"
Greg, that's a great question. And it's great questions by great people like you that make Ft. Mill and the surrounding metro area such a vital part of the way forward for America.

I get asked a lot about global warming - am I for it or against it. So often, in fact, that I'm saddened by the black or white nature of the question, because I think we can have it both ways.

I'm for controlled, sustainable regional warming in certain areas of the globe.

For instance, I grew up in North Dakota. It was often -40 degrees F as I rode the school bus. No child should live like that...so in the case of North Dakota, yes, I'm all for regional warming.

On the other hand, I've been to some areas of our great nation that seem quite balmy in the winter and even hot in the summer, yet I hear no plea for global or regional cooling. It's balanced thoughts like those that I'd like to bring to Washington.

Thanks for being a part of the conversation, Greg. Remember...together, we can make a mess.

Randy Bohlender
Candidate for President.


Gayle C said...

It's good to see you already have the politician's answers down pat. Do you have the guide book or are you a natural?

Danielle said...

Have you been drinking too much coffee Mr Bohlender?

Michelle Van Loon said...

Are you making up your platform as you blog each day?

Right-brainers of the world, unite!

Randy Bohlender said...

Michelle -

Making up my platform each day as I blog? What, pray tell, makes you think that this is not a well orchestrated, well financed campaign?

Together, we can make a mess

Randy Bohlender