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Concerned in Texas wrote:

I think your alien voting will go over big here in Texas. I also think someone who is committed to dividing the nation will be a refreshing change from those who have been uniting us for decades now. Please clarify your slogan, how big of a mess are you planning to make and how many groups of five voting felons will it take to clean said mess up in a day?

Concerned, that's a great question. And it's great questions by great people like you that make Texas and the surrounding region such a vital part of the way forward for America.

Thanks for your support on the One Alien, One Vote initiative. Please be reminded that this extends to legal aliens only. Actually, an ammendment to the initiative may affect your area in a way that might surprise you.

Amendment 1 states that each state will have the number of resident illegal aliens deducted from it's total legal vote. In other words, if 10,000 people come across the border into your state, you lose 10,000 votes as a sort of penalty for not watching the border closely enough. Our team thinks this will go far towards building bipartisan support for completion of George Bush's "friendship fence".

And as for how big a mess I plan on creating? Well, let's just say I'll do whatever it takes to gum up the works sufficently to allow good citizens like yourselves to live in peace. That's my committment to you, friends.

Thanks for being a part of the conversation, Concerened.
Remember...together, we can make a mess.

Randy Bohlender
Candidate for President


Anonymous said...

So Kelsey could be the "First Lady", now that would be cool.....kyra

Ronni said...

Okay I was thinking about this... the easiest way to cause mass chaos is to require a permit for entering the chambers of congress. Of course you would need a commitee to oversee this and each one of them would need to be approved by an appropriate committe. No voting would be allowed until all said permits are in place.

.....I can do this all day....

Oh, and pass a law requiring use of obscure adjectives. Seriously a few of them are getting quite stale.

Zack Hensley said...

With education in this country being so bad, as a leg up to the Jobs for the homeless programs, what are your thoughts about starting a "homeless taught classrooms" initiative? could it get any worse?

Kelsey Bohlender said...

Nope -- I still vow to be the Senate Chaplain one day.

Michaela said...

Thanks for addressing those concerns. I'm thrilled to know that the system will finally be mucked up by a professional.

The amendment should go over well in Farmer's Branch, where they are trying to make it illegal to rent to illegal aliens.

I think the upside to your proposed amendment is that since these aliens are illegal, it will be difficult to prove how many of them reside in our state, so we won't lose as many votes as some might think.

~ Less Concerned in Texas