There is a big difference between a dead duck and a lame duck....but sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. For instance:

A duck in the US state of Florida has survived gunshot wounds and a two-day stint in a refrigerator.

A hunter shot the duck, wounding it in the wing and leg. Believing the bird was dead, he left it in his fridge at his home in Tallahassee. The hunter's wife got a fright when she opened the fridge and the duck lifted its head, a local veterinarian said.

What I find so interesting is that he presumably shot to kill, but once it survived the onslaught, freezer burn and screaming wife, they send the thing to a vet who patches it up!

The lesson? Never give up if you're a duck, I guess.

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Alaska1 said...

I could be wrong, but I am thinking there is some mighty good stuff happening in duckdom these days. You should talk to Josh "yes I am cool" Motlong about his duck story.