Words in support of discomfort.

I had an online chat with a friend tonight about what it feels like to wrestle through desire, personal calling, and our own preferences. Sometimes, it's hard for us to understand...is this God or my own wiring....but then again, Who wired me?

The conversation led to thoughts of audacity...when is it audacious to presume that you're called to something great? And is there a value to just launching out there in the great unknown?

The whole conversation reminded me of a speaking engagement I had some years back where I shared the bulk of our Burning Man story. I used it as a metaphor for daring to do things that were a little bit out there beyond the safety zone. Note dust on bald head at left, multiply x10 and add propane and matches to get a bit of the idea. I believe I used the opportunity to espouse audacity and inefficency as core values.

I listened to the message myself last night because I wanted to stir myself in hungering for the prophetic edge that Kelsey and I clung to so desperately back in 2000 as we fasted and prayed regarding attending the Burn and TheCall DC.

I want back on that edge
...even as I sense it materializing on the horizon. I may not have my fingers locked into it yet, but I'm reaching, and it's getting nearer. People like us, we were not meant to live in the center. We were destined for the fringe. I'm sensing that we'll be there again very, very soon.

If you want to hear the story, email me and I'll send you a link to the mp3. It was recorded at the Ready, Fire, Aim conference, 2004, at the Dayton Vineyard.


eric wright said...

Randy, I was at that conference, and I remember the power of the Spirit's presence in that service. It challenged and inspired me. Thanks for the reminder.

Josh said...

Somewhere along the journey I think I took, "commit your ways to the Lord and He will guard your steps" as wait until everything is lined up, and then go forward slowly. It is the violent who take the Kingdom of Heaven, and I need to get that in my heart.

Anonymous said...


Cool Beads! As I read this post my heart was saying YES, YES, YES!!! Hungering for the edge. Not sure what it all means, but like the feel. Maybe if I could find some of those Cool Beads...? We share the same hair style...so it must be the Beads:)